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Specialities of the highest Molise

In Capracotta, in the Molise region, the most High, in a land of bitter cold and snow, meadows, and pastoral economy, the family business has specialized in the first select and in the aged, then the best local gastronomic products: caciocavallo, pecorino, prosciutto, salami... CONTINUE

Pecorino Cheese Pecorino Cheese 2

Pecorino Cheese

Trotta Seleziona & Stagiona
The pecorino cheese seasoned to a "T" mark (Trotta) from table and grating cheese is produced only in springtime, when the grass of the pastures bruciata from the sheep is more green and full of colorful flowers that spill their pigments in the milk, offering to work with the raw material fat-and protein-rich...
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